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Prek Thnout

Prek Thnout CBET Site was established in 2007 under support from an environmental NGO called Save Cambodia's Wildlife. Located in the mountains of Bokor National Park, Prek Thnout offers a great scenery to its visitors. Tourists can follow the boardwalk of the mangrove forests to one of the waterfalls or do a guided walk to learn about the environment, traditional ceremonies and food cooked by local people. Fireflies often appear during the night which makes the atmosphere even more special. There is also the opportunity to learn more about non-timber-forest-products like rattan or bamboo which are grown in Kampot Province.

Prek Thnout is located in Kampot province, between Preah Sihanouk province and Kampot Town. It is partially situated within the Bokor National Park and can be reached by bus, minibus or taxi. From Kampot Town it takes a 30km ride along National Road 3 or a 90km drive from Preah Sihanouk province along National Road Number 4.

Attractions and Activities

      - Waterfalls and mangrove forest

      - Watching Wildlife including birds, monkeys, dolphins, dugongs and fireflies which often appear during the evening

      - Hiking to waterfalls with a local guide

      - Swimming in the streams

      - Attending guided walks through the mangrove forest

      - Doing a boat trip at night to see the mangrove forest and its plenty of fireflies

      - Experiencing traditional livelihoods and enjoy the rural Cambodian lifestyle

      - Local food prepared by community members (including watching traditional sea-fishing activities and the process of preparing seafood in the traditional way)

      - Taking a closer look at a Rattan handicraft production and weaving center

      - Non-Timber Forest Products like Rattan, bamboo, fruits, herbs, etc. can be bought there


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